Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

May 10: In the aftermath of a global pandemic, the world economy and job market are still recovering from the massive downslide. In fact, the notion of job security has suffered a considerable blow, and things like unemployment and mass layoff have become a part of our lives. In this scenario, people should now familiarize themselves with upskilling and reskilling to move to a new role more efficiently. SkillsRediscovery is an online Edtech platform that equips students, freelancers, and working professionals with new skills through online classes to improve their upskilling curves. 

Based out of Delhi, SkillsRedisovery started its journey in the hands of Prof. Dr. Rishi Acharya and Lokesh Maheshwari. Dr. Acharya shares 15 years of extensive experience in higher education wherein he has worked as a Dean in a Pune-based Animation college. He is also a Google Certified Professional, Certified Professional from Autodesk, Certified Associate in Adobe applications, Microsoft Certified Professional, and a renowned Digital Marketing Guru of our country. On the other hand, his co-founder Lokesh has been part of prominent organizations like Concentrix, Wipro Digital, Qi Group, and IoTech World Avigation. In the backdrop of Covid19, they joined hands to leverage India’s pandemic-induced Edtech boom in their favor and gave birth to SkillsRediscovery. 

Since its inception, SkiilsRedisvovery has cherished a vision of bringing students from all over the country under one roof and helping them learn new skills without any discrimination. The Edtech sector is rapidly reshaping India’s age-old education system in the post-pandemic world. With 80% of the Indian population residing in rural areas, an online platform like SkillsRedisovery is promoting access, equality, and quality all at once. SkillsRediscovery is home to 1000+ courses in 20+ Indian languages that connect the learners with the right mentors. Moreover, the prices of its online courses start from as low as Rs. 250, bringing the courses within reach of the rural mass. The range of its courses spans from coding, music, art, animation, business skills, finance, and meditation to language.

Talking about their online upskilling and learning platform, SkillsRediscovery Co-founder Dr. Acharya shares, “Students nowadays crave a more personalized learning experience from the ease and comfort of their homes. SkillsRediscovery offers the same to bring out the true potential of the students. Using our platform, students, professionals, and freelancers get to learn 21st-century skills online in live classes from the best in the industry. In other words, we bridge the gap between coaches of various skills and students to benefit both.”

SkillsRediscovery is a one-of-its-kind Edtech company that seeks to empower trainers to monetize their services along with helping students out in upskilling and reskilling. As the modern industry is witnessing a rapid shift, SkillsRedisovery prepares learners to fit the demands of the modern workplace.